This morning, just like every morning, I stumbled to my coffee pot to prepare a large carafe of caffeine.  I laid my head on the counter for seven minutes as it brewed, poured myself a large cup, threw in a couple heaping spoons of hot cocoa mix, and walked back to my computer to peruse my social media – the only thing I can handle before at least two cups of my brown solace.  The first thing I read went something like this, “I was late for work again, FML.”

“FML.”  Really?  Over being late you’re going to tell the universe to F*)# your life?  I’ve been seeing this phrase a lot lately and I have to say I take serious issue with it.  I’m just fine with a bit of WTF? I WTF? all over the place.  But IMHO saying FML is causing some serious damage when our thoughts create our reality. Read more

Bestseller or Bargain Bin: The Stories We Tell About Ourselves


I’m a storyteller.  I tell stories.  Recently, however, I’ve been thinking about a different type of tale; the one I’m telling myself daily about me and my life.  This got me to thinking.  Am I in a comedy or a tragedy; a fairy tale or a mystery?  And like my fiction writing, do I have some semblance of control over setting, plot, characterization, pacing, and theme?

First of all, let’s meet the protagonist of my story: me.  After the required number of years of self-doubt I’m finally coming into myself and have discovered that I’m a pretty great character.  I’m compassionate and caring.  I’m fiercely loyal.  I’m an avid listener.  While a bit of a loner, I do shower every so often and leave my apartment to forage for food.  I try to pay attention to the universe, and when attacked by a red-winged blackbird I try to figure out what it’s trying to tell me.  I can be selfish when it comes to living my best life and I’ve learned to say no –  to disappoint others in an effort to be true to myself.  I’m a girl who will leave her home and her family to move three thousand miles away when I feel the nudge from my Creator.  I hate broccoli.  I enjoyed diving out of a plane. Read more