My first memory of guiding someone through a life issue was back in 5th grade when I told my BFF not to wear her brown clogs with a pink satin runner’s jacket.

Okay, I jest, sort of… In all seriousness though, for years, my friends, family and random acquaintances have come to me for “counsel” (I stopped giving fashion advice long, long ago.) We’re talking the Big Stuff = their relationships, or lack thereof, their jobs, their friendships, spirituality, you name it.  Helping these peeps lit me up like nothing else ever has, with the exception of writing.

I stumbled around for eons doing “my thing” without really realizing it – in corporate America, at a mental health agency, behind a bar top while wearing chaps, and as a Virtual Assistant to Powerful Women (& a Few Kick-Ass Men) where I spent a lot more time coaching than I did scheduling newsletters and managing product launches.

And then I was invited to Martha Beck’s ranch in California in 2012 for a sneak preview of a program I was helping to roll out for physicians with Dr. Lissa Rankin. I spent two days with Lissa, Martha, Bridgette Boudreau and Koelle Simpson being coached, whispering to horses, experiencing my first body energy work and having my dreams analyzed.

This experience turned my life upside down in Such. A. Beautiful. Way. (Okay, twasn’t all beautiful, folks. I did spend a number of hours cross-legged, curled up and crying in the middle of a round pen full of horse droppings – a necessary breakdown to my breakthrough.)

Needless to say, my nomadic self had come home. There was a name for what I’d been doing for all these years: Life Coaching. And I was given a beautiful descriptor for myself that I’d never had before: Empath.

I enrolled in Martha Beck’s Life Coach Training and the rest, as they say, is history.

How Can I Be of Service?

While I do all kinds of coaching, my true gift lies in helping visionaries to find their callings and to soar to the stratosphere once they’re clear about their path. As a Virtual Assistant, CEO, and Life Coach I’ve worked with dozens of Visionary Business Owners in all stages of business development – from those just starting out, to those who have a large presence in the online business world and are well-on-their-way. My joy lies in the dusting off and laying down of the path to your personal version of success, yellow brick by yellow brick, along with visioning, dreaming and scheming, working toward what wants to happen, setting clear intentions, and helping you to build a strong foundation once you’ve arrived at your destination.

A sampling of what we can cover:

    • Getting clear on what you want to do with “your one wild and precious life.”
    • Guiding you toward finding your life purpose if you’re just not sure what you want to be when you grow up.
    • Helping you to set intentions toward the life of your dreams. If you don’t know what it is you want to ask the Big “U” (Universe) for, chances are you won’t get it.
    • Mapping out a plan for your business and what wants to happen in the “everywhen,” as Martha Beck calls it.
    • Eliminating limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs that keep you stuck right where you are.
    • Clearing out those “small-time” money beliefs that block you from the abundance you deserve.
    • We’re all telling stories in every moment. I will guide you to learn how to become a masterful storyteller through Deliberate Creation.
    • Rewriting those stories that you’ve been clinging to and that have caused much of your suffering.
    • Giving you the courage to “apply ass to chair” and write that book. *See my Book Shaman page for more info.
    • Strategizing around product/program launches and developing programs that kick ass (and SELL!)

    And oh so much more

Working Together

There are a number of ways in which we can work together. Most clients book a package of 4 each one-hour sessions. Some opt for a 3 or 6-month package. Some clients ask to get on my calendar for a year or more. We can discuss your options on our consult call. Additionally, I also have VIP Days as outlined below.

I discourage single sessions as I’ve found we’re just getting into the meat of an issue, or the intention for your business, when it’s time to say “bye-bye.” If you’re set on that, just let me know in your message in the contact form below.

** I do offer single sessions to those who’ve worked with me in the past.**

Some Praise…

Click to hear Bestselling Authors, Lissa Rankin and Amy Ahlers, dish on my work as a Life Coach and Book Shaman.

“Coaching with Melanie is like having a spiritual mentor, best friend, business strategist and champion by your side. She gives you permission to do what you truly want, have what you deeply deserve, and BE who you were born to be. She is the person I call when I need a reminder of who I really am.”

“One of the gifts Melanie brings to coaching sessions is her willingness to help me see the difference between what I believe I ‘should do’ and what I feel called to do.  Melanie has the courage to ask tough questions when she’s aware that even though I may not feel entirely comfortable with my answer, I may be ready to open up to it.  In our sessions I felt understood and listened to, as well as challenged in good ways.  I asked to work with Melanie because I’m endeavoring to listen more to my body’s and soul’s voices than to my mind’s expectations.  Melanie delivers exactly this kind of coaching.  As a new business owner, I benefit tremendously from not only her expertise in helping me listen to my calling, but also from her deep experience in the practicalities of creating a successful online business.  My life mission has been blessed by working with Melanie.”

“Melanie Bates is really helping me through business coaching to stay focused, clear and intentional as I launch the Don’t Sweat Sisterhood.  She has played a key role in helping me launch this community.”

“Melanie has a natural grace and is a gifted teacher who shows you how to access your own core wisdom.  She encircles you with intuition, light, kindness, clarity, practical advice and enables you to find your calling and navigate the obstacles along the way. It’s like having a cup of tea with your guardian angel architect as you manifest your dreams.”

“Working with Melanie as a business coach has been invaluable. She has provided insight on everything from book writing and  TEDx speaking to webpage wisdom. What I love most about Melanie is that she sees you as your truest self, your highest form. And she helps you see yourself that way, too. 

Melanie is an awesome listener and is able to use laser focus in determining next best steps, even when you are still in the stumbling phase. She guides with grace. I’m grateful to know her and have her in my corner.” 

“Melanie’s authenticity, personal views and way of operating her business—of being in the world—have all encouraged me to look more within than without—to deal with criticism more evenly, to feel more confident in my expression/choices and, even when I get it wrong, to shrug my shoulders more when mistakes happen. As we moved through the business coaching sessions, we established an expression for my business that was a good fit for my natural talents and personal ‘soapbox.’ Writing the content for the new website was a joy and, with Melanie’s assistance, grew in depth and clarity. I found such value in Melanie’s intuitive ability to pull out the perfect tool at the right moment and her sense of when we had touched on what was authentic, deep and meaningful. As a lifelong Virgo striving for perfection, usually through embracing difficulty as a badge of courage, Melanie showed that there was another way: intimate, intuitive, trusting and relaxed. If you want an authentic, fun, intuitive and generous coach, then do choose Melanie.”

“Melanie’s business coaching was an invaluable experience.  Prior to reaching out to Melanie, I felt scattered on my message and mission.  I did not have clarity on how to bring my passion for speaking, writing, and coaching clients together.   In a few short sessions I got practical guidance on optimizing my message, my website, and my mission.  I continue to turn to Melanie for expert guidance, compassion, and clarity on building my platform, creating teleseminars, and building my business.”

Melanie is an amazing coach!  She has the ability to hold space, see things, say things, and guide you in a way that is clear, kind, loving, and spot-on.  Her intuitive gifts coupled with her business savvy, make her a unique coach, with a valuable set of skills.  She has had a profound impact on my life and my business since I started working with her – things have gone to a whole new level and I’m so grateful for the work we’ve done together.”

“Melanie Bates, offering all of her wisdom, literary gifts, brilliance, candor and compassion has most literally transformed not only my career, but my life as a whole. Thanks to her, I’m never looking back, only forward… to employing my untapped gifts and  talents, as well as the numerous ways that Melanie has coached me to ignite them.”

VIP Days:

5 Hour Virtual VIP Day

Join me for a super-duper awesome (albeit, intense) virtual day together wherein I will guide you in getting uber clear on your business and/or business offering and the steps to take to build out a sustainable biz. It’s the same process I’ve used with clients who are running incredibly successful 6-figure entrepreneurial online empires. The day will be geared to you, your unique business and calling, and will be very, very specific and chock full of all the secrets I can share from getting started to navigation and then smooth sailing.

9 Hour In-Person VIP Day

Take all of the aspects from the 5 Hour Virtual VIP Day above and shake it up with a trip to Park City, UT where you’ll get 4 extra hours with me, a relaxing evening in a beautiful Park City resort, luxury car service to/from the airport, a spa treatment, lunch and dinner with me and gifts to help you build your empire. It’s like a day chock-full of pampering and ultimate business planning power. (This package does not include airfare.)

** There are loads of options we can play with too if the above doesn’t light you up. See below for a case in point.

Building a Business Doesn’t Have to Be So Serious…

The Story of a VIP Weekend:

A VIP coaching session with Melanie is like walking through a Leap Labyrinth.

No really.

Here’s how it works:

YOU arrive with your best ideas and positive thoughts…ready to launch something amazing into the world.  And Melanie brings her shamanic, dragonfly approach to the incubating of creative ideas, being completely present, accessing your highest intuition, and is there every minute to hold this important space for you.

The Leap Labyrinth is the actual process of unraveling and exploring the complicated history of yourself…through exercises that reveal your previous patterns, obstacles, insights and learnings from the paths you’ve chosen. Then you’ll refocus, rethink, realign and hit the reset button on your core/center so you can spiral back up and out of the path…skipping with joy, new energy, clarity, wisdom, and the sharp focus to fly that big idea right to the moon.

How could you ask for anything more?

I was fortunate to have hired Melanie Bates for a Virtual VIP Day. I was able to start the year off on the right foot after an intensive workshop with Melanie. We dissected my growing business and made sure that systems were in place for a seamless and successful year. The part I loved most about my experience working with Melanie was her ability to tap into the work that really brings me joy. I want my time spent working to be meaningful and to make every moment count. Melanie organized my business procedures so that my passion truly is my profession and that there is joy present during the process. I highly recommend working with Melanie Bates as a Visionary Business Coach.

I had to share how powerful of a hope-holder, intention-setting, bad-ass, spiritual sista you are….my abundance mindset has elevated since we spent the day together.

Simply fill out the contact form below and tell me a bit about yourself and your business, and we’ll set up a FREE 1/2 hour consultation call to see how we gel and how we might work together. 

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