I’m a Book Shaman, a Life Coach, a Nomad, a Nondescript Heathen and, above all, a Writer. I began my writing career at the age of seven when I penned my first brilliant short story about witches with carbuncles. As a teenager my writing leaned toward the morose when I attempted to write my vast memoir at the age of fourteen. Finally, at seventeen, with my towering experience in regards to the matters of love, I wrote a few pages of a romance novel. I’m currently working on a middle grade fantasy trilogy.

My 10,000 hours (of Malcolm Gladwell fame) in “applying ass to chair”, obtaining a Bachelor’s in English/Creative Writing, along with an M.F.A., and devouring thousands of books, spawned my Book Shaman practice where I have helped New York Times bestselling authors to “transmute fuzzy thoughts into language people can understand.” As a developmental editor, I have used my experience to bring structure and form to some really amazing books that line the shelves of your local bookstores. I bring accountability, partnership, and process to my writers, which allows them to face the blank page and actually pen their brilliant work.

I also get a super-charged kick each day out of coaching visionaries and solopreneurs who are ready to set out on their hero’s journeys, but can’t quite find their way. Together we map brilliant paths toward their futures, set and hold bold intentions and slay the dragons that are blocking them from their life purpose. Once they arrive at their destinations we begin building the foundations of their empires.

I’ve moved over thirty times, hence the nomadic nature, but for now I reside in the Wild, Wild West with my two pups – So-Kr8z & Chloé. To some this urge to move might seem exciting, however, there have been times I’ve ended up in the deepest bowels of our great Mother Earth. For example, I spent a year living in Rawlins, Wyoming where I was blown back and forth across the road and where I ran home from school every day on the lookout for dark vans that kidnapped children. I once peed my pants while frantically searching for my latchkey.

You can find me drinking Black Pearl Oolong and hanging out here:

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I‘d so love to hear from you! Share your thoughts, wax poetic, tell me a story, inquire about coaching or my Book Shaman services… I’m ready for it. Please shoot me an email: melaniembates@gmail.com Or… fill out the contact form below! By contacting me you’re agreeing to the Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

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