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Click to listen in on my conversation with Kristine Carlson of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff fame as we discuss the power of story.

Combining my savage geekery around writing, and the juice of deliberate creation, I’ve come up with an awesome tool to use in creating your dream life.

Get ready to don your crown, people, and to build a whole new world.

Does the thought of working with a Writing Critique Group make you wanna never put pen to paper or finger to keyboard ever again? I mean ever? If you’ve been crying in your dixie cup o’ Jim Beam since grad school, but there’s still a whisper of the writer in you, and you’re longing to join a critique group, then this lil’ gem is for you. There’s a beautiful art to receiving and giving feedback, and I break it down for you, albeit a bit irreverently.

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