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Warrior Librarian

I was once dubbed Warrior Librarian, and I glommed onto that title like french breads gloms on to my thighs. I love the idea of being a story keeper, a fierce protector of reading, and sharing the brilliant books I’ve read with others.

So… in that vein, here are my top-rated fiction & memoir books by year. I intend for this to be a juicy place for sharing not just my faves, but yours, too. Please share your favorites via the comments section at the bottom of the page.

A Few Notes:

  • I’ve only included books I’ve given 5 stars to. But stars are subjective and kinda bullshit, really. I would rather say I LOVED these books, but this list doesn’t include books I really, really liked, or books that I just really liked. 
  • Whether or not I like a book is totally personal. As it is with all readers. I can pick up the most well-written, amazing story, and because it has one errant zombie, I won’t like it. Love of books is more personal than almost anything in the world. Just sayin’.





2013 & 2012








2004 & 2003



Looking for more great book suggestions? I have many others  to recommend on Goodreads—books I’ve really, really liked, or just books I’ve really liked, so feel free to follow me there to find more titles to read.

Share the Love…

In addition to my joy over sharing books I’ve loved. I totally dig book recommends too, so please share your faves with me here if they’re not on my lists. Or… just share your thoughts on the books I’ve listed. Agree? Disagree? Whatever makes your page-turning hand tingle.

But a Note: Be nice, folks, or you will be banned from commenting forthwith, forever and ever and ever. *Insert maniacal laughter here* No, really.

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