How to Write

I’ve been writing a novel since the beginning of time.…
October 23, 2011/by Melanie Bates

Wrestling with Breast Cancer

As I sit here drinking my sixth cup of java my best friend,…
October 10, 2011/by Melanie Bates

Is Your Inner Critic An Asshole?

This isn’t going to be very funny, or witty, or humorous,…
August 28, 2011/by Melanie Bates

Money Is Just Energy, Dummies

Featured on 9/13/2011

You know those money…
July 17, 2011/by Melanie Bates

My Life as a Colonoscopy

"Writing is like driving at night in the fog. You can only…
July 3, 2011/by Melanie Bates

Mrs. Zeal, Meet Mrs. Satisfied

It was midnight on a Saturday and I was sprawled in bed with…
June 19, 2011/by Melanie Bates

On Healthy Eating: Battling the Comfort Food War Within

I just found an unopened box of Bulgar Wheat that has been…
June 5, 2011/by Melanie Bates

Zombies, Atheists, & Movers, Oh My!

Yep, yep. The CDC posted an article yesterday on how to prepare…
May 22, 2011/by Melanie Bates

The Royal Wedding: Fairy Tale or Fucking Fromage?

I was driving to school yesterday listening to what BBC coined…
May 1, 2011/by Melanie Bates

5 Truthful Tips on Waiting for Acceptance from Others

I’m sitting outside my creative writing professor’s office. Waiting. I’ve…
April 10, 2011/by Melanie Bates

How to Get Married

A while back I was gifted with a psychic reading. I’m…
March 27, 2011/by Melanie Bates

“Go West,” Young Heathen

So... I’m heading West in my covered wagon. Okay, fine -…
March 6, 2011/by Melanie Bates

Are You Missing the Most Important Steps in Creating Your Vision Board?

I have a rash and I can’t quite figure out why. Do I have…
February 20, 2011/by Melanie Bates

Painting a Life: A Work in Progress (Or So I Thought)

This is a story about a half-painted bathroom. That might…
January 16, 2011/by Melanie Bates

How To Be Alone

I’m about to get real, folks. Really real.

I like to…
January 2, 2011/by Melanie Bates

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