Auld Lang WHAT? On Friendship

Auld Lang WHAT?

Zine? Sign? After a bit ‘o Googly magic…
December 29, 2010/by Melanie Bates

Books & Baby Ducks: Patrick Rothfuss, “The Ultimate World Builder”

Books and baby ducks, yep, yep.  I discovered this chock-full-of-amazing…
November 27, 2010/by Melanie Bates Promotes Guide To Pedophilia… Say What?

I'm scared shitless.  I'm about to go First Amendment on…
November 14, 2010/by Melanie Bates

Hair… Not the Musical

I wore my hair down the other day; it had been about 8 months…
November 7, 2010/by Melanie Bates

“Living” with Endometriosis – Part Deux

A more fervent “What. The. F-ck?” has never been uttered.

October 17, 2010/by Melanie Bates

Beauty 1001: Satin Finish or The Real Me?

I’ve just scrubbed my face with a mini loofah and slathered…
October 10, 2010/by Melanie Bates

Is Honesty the Best Policy in New Relationships?

If you’ve ever been in a relationship that has ended you’ve…
September 6, 2010/by Melanie Bates

The Initiation of a Kennel Mom – Part Deux

I wondered briefly, before settling in to write this, if folks…
August 23, 2010/by Melanie Bates

The Means to Flush

Who travels to Europe and spends as much time perusing the…
August 2, 2010/by Melanie Bates

LeBron James: On Following Dreams

I would not call myself a sports enthusiast. My limited participation…
July 19, 2010/by Melanie Bates

“Living” with Endometriosis

Before you go running for the antibacterial wipes I just want…
July 5, 2010/by Melanie Bates


This morning, just like every morning, I stumbled to my coffee…
June 25, 2010/by Melanie Bates

Bestseller or Bargain Bin: The Stories We Tell About Ourselves

I’m a storyteller.  I tell stories.  Recently, however,…
June 9, 2010/by Melanie Bates

Steer Pizzle: The Initiation of a Kennel Mom

I don't know if I'm prepared for motherhood.  In fact, I think…
May 26, 2010/by Melanie Bates

You Won’t Find Your Inner Child on a Milk Carton

Dedicated to Jen Lyman - May you find your Selves and gather…
May 17, 2010/by Melanie Bates

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