The Pause in Perimenopause – Part 1

Oh. Dear. God. Above…

I think I’m having hot flashes.

October 28, 2012/by Melanie Bates

The Helper

All signs point to the fact that I’m a helper.

A giver.

October 14, 2012/by Melanie Bates

The Icy Waters of Online Dating

I’m exhausted.

And I’ve only been dating online for…
September 16, 2012/by Melanie Bates

Politics, Schmolitics

I’m about to admit something very un-American.

I hate…
September 2, 2012/by Melanie Bates

What I Learned from Falling in Love…

"Gamble everything for love, if you're a true human being.…
July 13, 2012/by Melanie Bates

Birthing a New Me

There’s a change a brewin’ in me, folks.

And… it’s…
June 24, 2012/by Melanie Bates

Seeing Red: How to REALLY Deal with Anger

I have been full of rage lately.

June 10, 2012/by Melanie Bates

On Death & the Next Grand Adventure (Oh, and Bilbo Baggins)

I had an epiphany this morn. Like a choking on a slurp of my…
May 27, 2012/by Melanie Bates

“It’s Not You, It’s Me.”

Ever heard this line? - “It’s not you, it’s me.”

April 29, 2012/by Melanie Bates

Soul Mates: Fact or Fiction?

I need your guts.



I need your…
March 26, 2012/by Melanie Bates

Glimpse of a Life Through Lyrics

So I speak to you in riddles
'Cause my words get in my way
March 11, 2012/by Melanie Bates

Battery Power Low! Otherwise Known As God’s Little Voice Box

I don’t want to freak you out or anything but God has been…
February 4, 2012/by Melanie Bates

Confessions & Quests: Finding my Tribe

I have a confession to make and I feel pretty damn vulnerable…
January 15, 2012/by Melanie Bates

The Gift of Clearing Clutter

I've never been more in love. Since I was a tiny tot I've…
January 1, 2012/by Melanie Bates

The Rollercoaster of Life

"You know, when I was nineteen, Grandpa took me on a roller…
November 13, 2011/by Melanie Bates

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