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On Queendom & Building Your World (Plus a Gift!!!)

Not so very long ago I felt like there was a rent in the fabric of my world. I was uprooted… Unsettled. Undone. A lot of paradigms shifted for me last year. I was so unraveled that I actually wrote out everything that happened in that 12-month period and sent it to my dear friend […]

The Sick Guy – Shoot Him, Tend to Him or Learn from Him?

I want to talk about something that just hit me like an anvil upside the head the other day. If you’ve ever been in relationship with a man, trust me, you’ve experienced this: The Sick Guy… (shudders…) Perhaps your hackles are already raised. You’re envisioning your man, lying in bed, moaning, asking for soup, and […]

The 4 Commandments of Launching a Program

I have been seriously pushing my edge as of late. I’m no longer drafting along behind (if you’ve read my Copycat, Copycat blog you’ll know of what I speak, but… essentially it means I’ve stepped out fully on my own.) Pushing edges is damn scary. In fact, I’ve had moments of such utter terror that […]

Are Your Current Stories Serving You?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been telling a story that doesn’t serve me. At least not any longer. The story is this: I’m a behind-the-scenes type of gal who gets her kicks from supporting others. In other words, I’m not a leader. Evidence: In high school my best friend decided to try […]

Shape-Shifting Your Story

I have an invitation for you.  But, first… Whether we realize it or not, our lives revolve around stories and have done so since our cave painting days. Picture it: Cave peeps hunkered down around a blazing fire situated in the middle of the dirt floor, gesticulating wildly about the day’s hunt while gnawing on […]

The Sucker Punch of Anxiety, Depression & PTSD

Years ago I ran screaming from Corporate America  after a scene eerily similar to that moment in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls when Ace walks into the room with all of the taxidermied animals on the wall and commences to freaking out before he utters, “…this is a lovely room of death.” I kid you not, […]

Sugar: Little White Devil & A Post Op Update

Well I went and did it.  For those who read my Hysterectomy? Or No? blog, I said, “yes, please,” and went under the knife on April 10th. I’m in love with my surgeon, he did an amazing job. Apparently, because of my Stage IV endometriosis, he spent a fair amount of time chiseling what he […]

How to Launch an Offering

I recognize that this post may tick some people off. And… I’m going to write it anyway. I had a moment yesterday on Facebook, as I was scrolling through my feed, when I literally wanted to fling my precious iPhone across the room. Post after post after post was an offering for an online course, […]

Copycat, Copycat

I’m not sure who learns more when I’m coaching a client – me or my client.  Perhaps it’s how a teacher feels when a genius kid shows up in their classroom and starts to school them. Either that or they mix up a stiff vodka cranberry, eat the ends of their pencils and curse their […]