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The Pain of the Women’s March on Washington

I stood on the metro, scrunched up against scads of women wearing myriad variations of knitted pink hats with ears, and gulped breaths of air – nearly hyperventilating – and thinking I really needed to get out amongst human beings more. Swirls of neon pink, baby pink, pink bordering on purple, and dusty rose blended […]

Is Writing Hard?

“So, what do you do?” the girl asks. She has a gold star plastered on the chest of her snowy white sweater. Silver tinsel adorns the neck and cuffs. It matches her adult braces perfectly and I think her quite clever. Her gaze tells me we’re in a competition, though, and that we’re on the train, the […]

On Aging: One of “Those” Women…

I needed a dress for a wedding. For some, this might seem a perfectly normal thing, but I loathe clothes shopping. Detest. Abhor. Hate with a fiery, red-hot passion. Yet I knew I couldn’t very well show up in the sweat-stained sweater I’d been wearing over my pajamas every day for the past week. My […]

Resistance & The Upper Limit Problem in Creativity

Resistance has had my hands bound with anchor rope for the past few months. Maybe you’ve noticed. I haven’t written a blog since April. Resistance^10000000. But it’s more than just blogging. I hadn’t been writing on my novel either. For those who don’t know the word in terms of creativity, or following your bliss, essentially it means […]

A White Girl on White Privilege

I was in the middle of a workout a few weeks ago – sweat pooling, weights in hand – when someone rapped the secret knock on my door. Da da dadaaa da, da da. I never answer my door. Ever. For any reason. But I was curious. Who could it be? Maybe my little brother was making […]

Traversing Female Friendship

It’s fall of 1982. The grass hasn’t started to crunch yet, but you can feel that Cheyenne Winter is sitting on his suitcase full of snow in a vain attempt to secure the latches. His flight is booked. His car is waiting to take him to the airport. I’m wearing ginormous brown glasses with a […]