Books & Baby Ducks: Patrick Rothfuss, “The Ultimate World Builder”


Books and baby ducks, yep, yep.  I discovered this chock-full-of-amazing combination last year while “virtually” stalking one of my favorite writer’s blog.  (Okay, “stalking” is a strong word, I just happen to visit his blog once or twice a day to ensure that I don’t miss one single word that might have fallen from his mind to his keyboard in the six or so hours since I last visited his blog, that’s all.)  When I came upon this delightful combination I felt as if I were the first person to drop a chocolate chip cookie into a glass of ice-cold milk; I had to share it with the world.  The veritable made-of-awesome-builder-of-amazing-fiction-worlds Patrick Rothfuss himself, was running his annual Worldbuilders fundraiser through Heifer International and my toes curled with joy: Books and Baby Ducks.

A little about Mr. Rothfuss:

For those of you who haven’t heard of Patrick Rothfuss grab your stone axe and start chiseling your way out from under that gigantic boulder you’ve been living under since the Paleolithic period and pay attention.  Patrick Rothfuss wrote this incredible book called “The Name of the Wind” wherein his world building skills and characterization puts many authors to shame.  The second book in this trilogy is due out March 1, 2011 and not since the second and third books in Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” trilogy or “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” have I waited with such anticipation (we’re talking a sleeping-bag-outside-the-nearest-bookstore-a-week-before-the-release-date anticipation folks.)

Fantastic novel aside, Pat also shares his real Self on his blog.  I dig this.  His blog is not forced or full of posts that portray him as some idyllic author living the dream.  He eats frozen burritos and revises his manuscript until dawn.  His blog is raw and he puts himself out there, exactly as he is.  Plus, he swears, which is something I can totally get behind.  If you don’t believe me check out one or two of my favorites:  “Circadian Spring” or “There and Back Again…” (Caution:  Do not eat or drink while reading these unless you enjoy the feel of wet, mushy food bits frothing out of your nose.)  Frankly, Pat could write about a dirt clod and I’d read with rapt attention and intermittent guffaws.

So I’m guessing you can imagine my utter delight when I found that incredible author meets downright funny human being meets one who is working towards bettering humanity and giving back.  I was in love.  (Okay, “love” is a little strong, he has a girlfriend and an adorable baby he calls Oot.  Rather, I just want to live in his back shed, reading his drafts and getting his critiques of my own “shitty first draft” while discussing world building techniques, that’s all.)

So, now you know my feelings about this writer.  What about Worldbuilders?  What about Heifer International?  What about the baby ducks and the books?  The thing is, I’m not even going to begin to attempt to paraphrase Pat’s brilliance so to learn more about Worldbuilders please visit his page for the details and then get sucked into the vortex of his other blogs for about three days like I always do.  Then donate.  It’s that simple.  I did.  I joined his team, bought some fuzzy farm animals for a great cause, and just happened to be entered into the sweepstakes to win some amazing prizes; mainly glorious books.  Could there be a more lovely thing in our own World?  I don’t think so.

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